Tom Remon & Jim Mullen new album

Interview first published at Sussex Jazz Magazine (March 2021 issue) - Photos & Interview by Patricia Pascal

Emerging young guitarist, Tom Remon is releasing his debut album with Jim Mullen, legendary guitarist and an understated supporter of youth talent. The album is played in a Duo format of only guitars and is called Duality. Was out on March 5th on Lunaria Records.

Listen and Buy it here:

Duality sounds like an intimate musical conversation between 2 like-minded and supportive friends.

I know there´s a generation gap and a whole life of experiences separating Jim Mullen and Tom Remon, now this beautiful egoless collaboration transcends all that. In the end, what stands out above all is mutual respect and an unconditional Love to the instrument they share.

Tom Remon tell us a bit more about his journey and this new album with Jim Mullen.

How did your musical journey start?

I grew up as a very small child listening to my dad's CD collection of music, he used to listen to in the early 90s - albums like Blood Sugar Sex Magik (RHCP), Full Moon Fever (Tom Petty), The Black Album (Metallica), Rage Against The Machine's first album, etc. So I have always been surrounded by music.

When did you start playing the guitar?

By age 11, I picked up trying to play the guitar after hearing Hendrix for the first time and got lessons at High School by a guy called Carlos Olmos who later introduced me to Jazz Guitar when I was 15/16. It was around this time I started going to Tomorrow's Warriors. Eventually ended up in Binker Golding's youth ensemble - which was some of the best musical education I had ever received. Binker was an amazing example of someone to aspire to as a musician. I also made amazing friends in the Tomorrow's Warriors circle (amazing musicians and people such as Hamish Moore, Joe Elliot, Sam Jones, Zoe Pascal, Laurence Wilkins, and Patrick Boyle).

Throughout that time as well, I have received incredible and real heartfelt support from Gary, Jeanine, Steve Williamson, and Denys Baptiste from Tomorrow's Warriors. Patricia Pascal from JazzNewBlood and Gordon and Jilian Weddurburn from GW Jazz. All 3 Organizations are pivotal to the future of jazz in the UK!

From age 19, I enrolled at Middlesex University and received amazing lessons from legends such as Gareth Williams, Dave Ohm, Nikki Iles, Rob Townsend, Chris Batchelor, Hannes Riepler and Kate Williams.

I know you are of Israeli origin. What role do your roots play in your music?

That’s an amazing question, I believe some people are actively and more artistically conscious of it than others - However, I also believe whether we like it or not we play like who we represent as human beings – I feel we really do play our lives through the instrument which must have something to do with our roots and upbringing!