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Maddy Coombs @JazznewbloodALIVE2021 @EFGLJF @WoolwichWorks

Our interview series continues with Saxophonist Maddy Coombs who will be performing on Nov.20

on part II of our showcase #Jazznewbloodalive2021.

Maddy tell us a bit more about your story with music and your instrument.

Growing up, I was often around music - my mum is a singer songwriter/guitarist, my stepdad was from Grenada and was often blasting reggae music throughout the house, and my dad is a big music fan. I used to play clarinet in primary school, then in about year 8 or 9 I tried the tenor sax and loved it! My dad encouraged me to join a local jazz improvisation class in Northampton, run by Will Osborn and Jamie Glew, and I think that was the thing that really got me into jazz - as well as just being around other musicians. Also at the time I had a lot of family drama going on, and I found practising really took my mind off of things, so I think I naturally gravitated towards the sax a lot.

As years went on I participated in things like NYJC and JRAM, then joined Tomorrow's Warriors and haven't looked back from there really!

What are you listening at the moment?

Right now as I write this I'm listening to Tracy Chapman. Recently though I've been really getting into Lester Young and Don Byas, and of course Coltrane and Rollins. One beautiful tune that's been on repeat for me is Hank Mobley and Trane's version of 'Polka Dots and Moonbeams', and I've really been loving Lianne LaHavas's most recent self-titled album!

You are part of Tomorrow´s Warriors family. Who does it feel to be part of such an important community of musicians?

Honestly Warriors has really changed my life for the best. Having such incredible teachers/mentors like Binker Golding, Gary Crosby and Alex Davis from the age of 16 was so inspiring, and I am so so so grateful and proud to be a part of the warriors family.

You are studying at Guildhall currently. 2020 was a strange year with online classes, how was that experience during covid?

It wasn't too bad for me! I was back home in Northampton for most of the lockdown(s), and it was actually just nice to be with family and get a bit of a break from London. Although online jazz lessons are very strange. But now everything is kind of back to normal I'm definitely appreciating the little things a lot more!

You´ve been performing a lot in the scene, and you are presenting new material at our Showcase, any plans for an album or EP?

Not anytime soon... Although I would love to record at some point! I think I'm aiming to get something out after I leave Guildhall, but for now I'm just enjoying making music with lots of people and honing in on my craft.

On Nov.20, Who is accompanying you on stage?

Very excited to say that Sultan and I are going to be doing our set together!

The line-up is Francisco Garcia de Paredes on guitar, Lorenzo Morabito or bass, Zoe Pascal on drums, Sultan on keys and myself on tenor sax. Really looking forward to it!!!

Catch Maddy Coombs on Nov.20 @woolwichWorks at JazznewbloodALIVE2021 PART II, starting at 6.30pm.

Maddy Coombs : Instagram


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