#jazznewbloodALIVE2019 Line-up: Emma Rawicz

Presenting our last act on the LINE-UP for our 4th edition of #jazznewbloodALIVE2019 Showcase @EFG London Jazz Festival , scheduled for NOV 24th. 📣📣📣 Coming from Devon, Emma Rawicz-Szczerbo spent a lot of weekends in London studying Jazz at Guildhall or NYJO. Lucky enough to be able to try many different instruments while growing up she eventually discovered the saxophone and jazz at 14. In her compositions, you can hear the influence of Brazilian and Latin music, Kenny Wheeler's more traditional jazz sounds, ranging from Cannonball Adderley to Thelonious Monk. We are happy to premiere her originals music at our stage. . SUN / 24th NOV PART I Doors open at 2.00pm SUPPORT #jazzfuture

#jazznewbloodALIVE2019 Line-up: Tara Cunningham

Presenting the LINE-UP for our 4th edition of #jazznewbloodALIVE2019 Showcase @EFGLondon Jazz Festival, scheduled for NOV 24th. 📣📣📣 Tara Cunningham grew up listening to a variety of music from Talking Heads to Glenn Miller to Prince, drawing inspiration from these different styles in her own composition and improvisation. She attended the junior jazz course at the Royal Academy of Music before studying jazz guitar at Trinity Laban where she is currently in her third year. On the 24th she will be joined by Hugo Piper, Adam Merrell, Evan Abel and Max Winter - expect a mix of atmospheric grooves and melodies representational of each musician’s distinctive sound. . SUN / 24th NOV PART II

#jazznewbloodALIVE2019 Line-up: Asha Parkinson

Presenting the LINE-UP for our 4th edition of #jazznewbloodALIVE2019 Showcase EFG London Jazz Festival scheduled for NOV 24th. 📣📣📣 Asha Parkinson is a London-based composer and saxophonist whose work regularly crosses the boundaries between traditions. She was twice a semi-finalist in the BBC Young Jazz Musician competition and was shortlisted in 2016 BBC Inspire Composers Competition. Additionally, she was one of 20 young people internationally to win the Diana Legacy Award for her humanitarian initiative "Voices Beyond Divisions". Asha’s compositional style brings together a wide range of influences, ranging from Arabic maqam, flamenco compas, Indian tala to the modal polyphony of the

#jazznewbloodALIVE2019 Line-up: Saskia Horton

Presenting the LINE-UP for our 4th edition of #jazznewbloodALIVE2019 Showcase @EFG London Jazz Festival, scheduled for NOV 24th. 📣📣📣 Saskia Horton is an impressive and talented multidisciplinary artist emerging in the Uk music and dance scenes. Violinist and spoken word artist she is takin her classical trained skills and crossing over to Jazz with her contribute in bands like Nihilism and the Levitation Orchestra. As to her dance moves, her prowess in the art of ‘krumping’ – a super high energy dance form that originated in the US, is so impressive that singer FKA Twigs handpicked her to star in a film she directed. We are excited to premiere her set of original music. . SUN / 24th

#jazznewbloodALIVE2019 Line-up: Isobella Burnham

📣📣📣 Isobella Burnham aka Izzy is a rising star in the Uk music scene. Prolific #femalejazzpower Bassist, vocalist and songwriter from England, she grows up in Barbados and soaked up the rich musical culture around her. Only 21, she is touring the world with singer-songwriters Tom Misch and Connie Constance. She´s also part of Tomorrow´s Warriors family. This year she recorded with Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes, Jelly Cleaver, Leigh Phillips and Hank. Her set at #jazznewbloodALIVE2019 will be a premiere of her own original music leading her own band of young talented players. Know more about Izzy in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFmRJOvLJDk . SUN / 24th NOV PART II - Doors open

#jazznewbloodALIVE2019 line-up: Donovan Haffner

On the upcoming days, I will be presenting the line-up, one by one, for 2019, 4th edition of #jazznewbloodALIVE Showcase @EFGLondonJazzFestival @WaterlooCreativeStudio, scheduled for NOV 24th. I first spotted Saxophonist Donovan Haffner when he was 14 or 15 at Tomorrow's Warriors sessions and by the end of last year showcase, I knew he was going to be our 1st choice. In our 2019, female-dominated line-up, Donovan Haffner perfectly represents the new generation #malejazzpower coming through. At 17, I really appreciate his restraint but, at the same time, full commitment to Jazz, punched by his amazing talent and skill on his instrument. FYI, his last appearance was a festival gig with Moses

Xhosa Cole @foyles / Nu Jazz Moves

Saxophonist Xhosa Cole, winner of last year's BBC Young Jazz award, is the latest young star in the London music scene, currently studying at Trinity Laban. Coming from Birmingham and with a Jazz education forged by some of the best local talent development programs, he left quite an impression at the BBC competition and did it again this summer with his set at Love Supreme. This concert at Foyles, part of the NU JAZZ MOVES series organised by Tomorrow´s Warriors, uses the perfect intimate layout to really appreciate and listen to the music. When he plays his passion and respect for tradition is audible, but his charisma and authenticity as a performer make his interpretations sound less re

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