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Xhosa Cole @foyles / Nu Jazz Moves

Saxophonist Xhosa Cole, winner of last year's BBC Young Jazz award, is the latest young star in the London music scene, currently studying at Trinity Laban.

Coming from Birmingham and with a Jazz education forged by some of the best local talent development programs, he left quite an impression at the BBC competition and did it again this summer with his set at Love Supreme.

This concert at Foyles, part of the NU JAZZ MOVES series organised by Tomorrow´s Warriors, uses the perfect intimate layout to really appreciate and listen to the music.

When he plays his passion and respect for tradition is audible, but his charisma and authenticity as a performer make his interpretations sound less reminiscent but somehow very current and modern.

I also must say, in a time where seated listening audiences are underrated is so important to present and future generations to continue to create spaces like this and to keep the door open for young talent to come through.

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