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Patricia Pascal sets the scene for the birth of Jazznewblood in 2015 and highlights important releases in that year that would mark the start of a revolution in UK Jazz. Feat music from Binker and Moses, Yussef Kamaal, Charlie Stacey, Alex Ridout, João Barradas, Ricardo Toscano e Pat Metheny.


Binker and Moses - 'No Long 'tings', Binker and Moses - 'Black Ave Maria', Yussef Kamaal - Joint 17

Yussef Kamaal - Remembrance, Charlie Stacey Trio - Metempsychosis, Charlie Stacey - Sonia

João Barradas - Amalgamat, João Barradas - Care, Ricardo Toscano - Song of Hope

JazznewbloodALIVE2016 - Ridout5tet - E'N'A, Pat Metheny - Bright size Life, Pat Metheny - Sirabhorn

Radio Alhara - 07 NOV -  7pm (Bethleheme time)

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JazznewbloodTAPES continues to highlight pioneering and unique young musicians in the UK Jazz scene forged by organisations like Jazzrefreshed or Tomorrow´s Warriors. This month show features Triforce, Mansur Brown, Maisha, Ezra Collective, Kokoroko, Zeñel and the

almighty bass innovator Jaco Pastorius.


Triforce LIVE @jazznewbloodALIVE2016 - Protector (Jazznewblood)

Triforce - Elijah's Remedy  (2016,Jazzrefreshed)

Mansur Brown - Me up (2018, Mansur Brown)

Maisha - The Night Trance (2016, Jazzrefreshed)

Ezra Collective - Enter the Jungle (2016, Ezra Collective)

Kokoroko - Colonial Mentality  LIVE @jazznewbloodALIVE206 (2016, Jazznewblood) 

Zeñel - Ewok Dance (2020, Zeñel)

Zeñel - Bubble leaves (2020, Zeñel)

Jaco Pastorius -  Continuum, Portrait of Tracy (1976, Epic)

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In the third episode, we hear music from some of the Jazz pioneers and visionaries in today´s Uk sound.

Artists like Shabaka Hutchings and Theon Cross paved the way for a more inclusive scene and also open doors for led female groups like

Nerija or Seed Ensemble who germinated solo artists like Nubya Garcia, etc. A community affair for sure, feeding vitality and authenticity into Jazz. Closing we get to experience a 23-year-old Dee Bridgewater on her first release playing LIVE with her brothers

Ron Bridgewater and Cecil Bridgewater.



Theon Cross - Aspirations from Aspirations EP (2015, Theon Cross)
Shabaka and The Ancestors - Joyous from Wisdom of Elders CD 
(2016, Brownswood Recordings)
Nérija - The Fisherman from Nérija EP (2016, Jazzrefreshed)
Nubya Garcia - Fly Free from her Jazzrefreshed EP 5five (2017, Jazzrefreshed)
Nubya Garcia - Inner Game from SOURCE album (2020, Concord Jazz)
Seed Ensemble  - The Darkies LIVE at jazznewbloodALIVE2016 (2016, Jazznewblood)
Seed Ensemble  -  The Dream Keeper from Driftglass Cd ( 2019, Jazzrefreshed)
Dee Dee Bridgewater -  Afro Blue from the album Afro Blue (1974, MUZAK/FAB)
Dee Dee Bridgewater - Blues Medley (Every day I have the Blues / Stormy Monday Blues) - 
(1974, MUZAK/FAB)

Radio Alhara - 10 Jan -  7pm (Bethleheme time)

Resonance.fm - 12 Jan - 3pm (Uk time)

Resonance.fm - 15 Jan - 7am (Uk time)

Radio de Cabo Verde - 15 Feb - 23H (CV time)

This first episode of 2021 is dedicated to all the young jazz talent I had the privilege to promote on the JazznewbloodALIVE showcase on London Jazz Festival since 2016. I don´t have space to play all 39 acts but I feat a small selection including XVNGO, Levitation Orchestra, Rosie Frater-Taylor, Tommy Remon, Sultan Stevenson, Emma Rawicz, Roella Oloro, Cesca, Sudo and Keith Jarrett's first album.



XVNGO - Celebrum 
Feat Akin Soul

Levitation Orchestra - Wave Potentiality
Single released in support of TW

Rosie Frater-Taylor - Better days

Tommy Remon - Caledonia Live at JazznewbloodALIVE2016 (Jazznewblood)

Sultan Stevenson - To be Seen 

Emma Rawicz - Chasm

Roella  Oloro - Believe to see

Cesca - Mocktapus LIVE at JazznewbloodALIVE2016 (Jazznewblood)

Sudo  - Vallium

Keith Jarrett - Life between the exits (Vortex 1968)

Radio Alhara - 14 Feb -  7pm (Bethleheme time)

Resonance.fm - 09 Feb - 3pm (Uk time)

Resonance.fm - 12 Feb - 7am (Uk time)

Radio de Cabo Verde - 15 Mar - 23H (CV time)

This month's JazznewbloodTAPES is special. I  have been infected with covid-19 and

came out on the other side with no scars.I was lucky!

Episode Nº5 is about driving Jazz in different directions and feat

Joe-Armon Jones, Ego Ella May, Blue Lab Beats, Kaidi & NK-OK, Cherise, Matt Carmichael, Young Christian Scott.



Joe-Armon Jones - Regify - Album Starting Today (2018/Brownswood)

Ego Ella May - Give a Little - Album  Honey For Wounds (2020/UpperRoom Records)

Blue Lab Beats  - Montana - Album Blue note Re:imagined (2020/Blue Note Records/Decca)

Kaidi & NK-OK - Single Time Capsule (2020/ Blue Adventure/All points) 

Cherise - Paradise - EP Paradise (2019/Self-released)

Matt Carmichael - The Spey - Album Where will the river flow (2021)

Yussef dayes Trio - Black Amazonian springs - Album Welcome to the Hills  (2020)

                                           Odyssey - Album Welcome to the Hills (2020)
Christian Scott -  Rewind that - Album Rewind that (2006 Concorde Records)

                                         Say it - Album Rewind that (2006 Concorde Records)

Radio Alhara - 14 Mar -  7pm (Bethleheme time)

Resonance.fm - 09 Mar - 3pm (Uk time)

Resonance.fm - 12 Mar - 7am (Uk time)

Radio de Cabo Verde - 12 Apr - 23H (CV time)

I miss LIVE MUSIC! This month episode is dedicated to the underground vibrate Live scene in London that I love so much.

The most popular nights are the ones promoted by the musicians themselves. Small hubs that nurture the next generation of legends. You will hear music recorded in much-loved venues like Kansas Smith´s, Good Evening Arts, Iklectik, Champion Sounds, Steamdown,

Jazzrefreshed, Church of Sound and Mark Kazuma's The Banger Factory.

When we finally open, Please support your local LIVE MUSIC venue.


Kansas Smithy´s house band- Beijinhos - LIVE recording @kansas Smithy´s club

Kit Downes - Bobbl's Song - LIVE recording @Kansas Smithy´s Virtual Jazz Club

Maisha - Africa - LIVE recording @Good Evening Arts @Royal Albert Pub

Marcus Bonfanti - 'I Got A Woman' - LIVE recording @Good Evening Arts @Royal Albert Pub

Brothers Testament - Nights of Contentment - LIVE recording @JazznewbloodALIVE @IKLECTIK

Champion Sounds - LIVE recording @Buster Mantis

Steamdown - Free My Skin

Church of Sound - Neue Grafik Ensemble - Hedgehog's Dilemma Feat. Brother Portrait  - LIVE recording @church of Sound

Ms. Maurice aka Sheila Maurice Grey - LIVE recording @Jazzrefreshed @Mau Mau Club

Mark Kavuma & The Banger Factory - The Banger Factory

Radio Alhara - 11 Apr -  7pm (Bethleheme time)

Resonance.fm - 13 Apr - 3pm (Uk time)

Resonance.fm - 14 Apr - 7am (Uk time)

Radio de Cabo Verde - 17 May - 23H (CV time)

Jazz has been a male-dominated field since forever.

If we are going to have a more balanced and inclusive scene we need to increase Female instrumentalists leading the way.

Today´s show features a small selection of talented and fearless Female leaders who inspire me and hopefully are inspiring the next generations of female talent in Jazz. Enjoy the music of Sarah Tandy, Zara McFarlane, Andrea Motis, Helena Kay,

Rosie Turton, Melissa Aldana, Colectiva, Emma Jean-Thackray and the Great Alice Coltraine.


Sarah Tandy - Bradbury Street (2019/Jazzfreshed )
Zara Mcfarlane - Feed The Spirit (The Children&The Warlock) (2013/Brownswood Recordings) 
Andrea Motis - Save The Orangutan (2017/Impulse)
Helena Kay - Strawberry Terrace (2018/Ubuntu Music) 
Rosie Turton - Butterfly  (2019/Jazzrefreshed)
Melissa Aldana - Pasos (2010/Inner Circle Music)
Colectiva Maria Grapsa - Under The (2021 Colectiva)
Emma Jean-Thackray - Baro Bop (2016 Deptford Beach)
Alice Coltraine - I Want To See You (1968 Impulse! Records)
Alice Coltraine -  Oceanic Beloved (1968 Impulse! Records)

Radio Alhara - 09 May -  7pm (Bethleheme time)
Resonance.fm - 11 May - 3pm (Uk time)
Resonance.fm - 14 May - 7am (Uk time)
Radio de Cabo Verde - 21 Jun - 23H (CV time)

JazznewbloodTAPES #008 is packed with fresh guitar talent

feat Raquel Martins, Tal Arditi, Rosie Frater-Taylor, Maro, Camila GeorgeXShirley Tetteh,

Tom Remon, Jim Mullen, Peter Wilson, Tom Ibarra, Lianne La Havas, Jackie Venson and, the one and only Queen of Blue, Memphis Minnie.


Raquel Martins - Fredom (single) ( 2021/Self-released)

Tal Arditi - After Lisboa  / Colours (2020/BERTHOLD records)

Rosie Frater-Taylor - Just my type  /  Bloom (2021/Self-released)

Maro - Flying to L.A  ( (feat. Lisa Oduor-Noah & Xenia ) / Maro EP (2018/Self-released)

Camila George feat Shirley Tetteh - The People Could Fly / Album The People Could Fly (2018/Ubuntu) 

Tom Remon & Jim Mullen -  Sarah / Duality (2021/Lunaria Records)

Peter Wilson - All this time / EP 'A' (2020/Self-released)

Lianne la Havas - Age /  Is your love big enough (2012/Warner Bros) 

Tom Ibarra - A Dream´s Shadow / Luma (2020/Goatzic)

Jackie Venson - Rollin' On / Live at Strange Brew (2016)

Memphis Minnie 

Fashion Plate Daddy / Queen of Blues (1929)

He's In the Ring (Doin' the Same Old thing) /  Queen of Blues (1929)

Radio Alhara - 11 Jun - 7pm (PS time)
Resonance.fm - 08 Jun - 3pm (Uk time)
Resonance.fm - 11 June - 7am (Uk time)
Radio de Cabo Verde - 19 Jul - 23H (CV time)

In this month JazznewbloodTAPES #009,

I play a small selection of my favourite Jazz inspired newly released music from our very unique Uk Jazz scene. F

eaturing Nathaniel Cross, Nubiyan Twist, Alpha Mist, Rosie Turton, Isobella Burnham,

Dominic J. Marshall, Joe Armon-Jones, Quinn Oulton, Giant Folk and Joni Mitchell feat Jaco Pastorius.

Hope you enjoy it!!!


Nathaniel Cross - Charge it to the game  / First World Records (2021)

Nubiyan Twist - Tittle Tattle / Freedom fables (2021)

Alpha Mist - Run Outs / Bring backs (2021)

Rosie Turton - Part II / Expansions and Transformations: Part I & II EP (2021)

Isobella Burnham - In Power / Dancin' Garuda EP (2021)

Dominic J Marshall - Howufeel (2021)

Joe Armon-Jones - Pray / Aquarii Records (2021)

Quinn Oulton - Show your face feat Demae / Show your face EP (2021)

Giant Folk - River Run / River Run EP (2021 )

Joni Mitchell - COYOTE LIVE @Free Man in Paris (1979)
with amazing superband  Jaco Pastorius, Michael Brecker, Lyle Mays,
Don Alias and Pat Metheny.

Joni Mitchell -  Hejira / Album Hejira  / Asylum Records (1976)

Radio Alhara - 8 Aug -  7pm (Bethleheme time)
Resonance.fm - 13 Jul - 3pm (Uk time)
Resonance.fm - 16 Jul - 7am (Uk time)
Radio de Cabo Verde - 16 Aug - 23H (CV time)

It is a joy and blessing to get to episode nº10 especially in the midst of Covid 19.

This month we listen to a small selection of my fav virtuoso Jazz pianists/keyboardists in the Uk Jazz scene.

I play music by Charlie Stacey, Kit Downes, Ashley Henry, Kamaal Williams, Sarah Tandy, Fergus McCreadie,

Maria Chiara Argirò, Riella Oloro and the exceptional Hazel Scott.


Charlie Stacey - Ruby My Dear / 2021 Alone Together compilation 
Kit Downes / In Brixen / 2011 Quiet Tiger / Basho Records 
Ashley henry / Monk´s Dreams / 2016 Ashley Henry´s 5ive @jazzrefreshed 
Kamaal Williams / Situations Live in Milan / 2018 The Return / Black focus
Sarah Tandy / Timelord /2019 Infection in the Sentence album / Jazzrefreshed 
Fergus McCreadie / Jig / 2021 Cairn / Editions records
Maria Chiara Argirò / Dream R / 2016 The Fall Dance  / Odradek Records
Roella Oloro / Sacrificial Lamb / 2021 Roella Oloro
Hazel Scott / The Jeep is Jumpin´/ 1955 Relaxed piano moods / Debut

Radio Alhara - 12 Sep -  7pm (Bethleheme time)
Resonance.fm - 14 Sep - 3pm (Uk time)
Resonance.fm - 17 Sep - 7am (Uk time)
Radio de Cabo Verde - 20 Sep - 23H (CV time)

The Jazz is hers in this episode! Women Jazz led by Chelsea Carmichael, Nubya Garcia,

Jelly Cleaver, Laura Mvula, Celeste, Yasmin Lacey, Yumi Lto, Laura Misch, Yazz Ahmed, Kokoroko, Nina Simone.


Chelsea Carmichael_Myriad (produced by Shabaka Hutchings) / Virgin Music UK

Nubya Garcia_La cumbia me está LLamando (Feat Perla/Kaidi Tatham Remix) / Concord Jazz 

Jelly Cleaver_Forever Presence: Pt.2 / Gearbox Records

Laura Mvula _Jump Right Out /

Celeste _Strange / Polydor Records / Reservoir Media Music

Yasmin Lacey_I´ll Never Stop Loving You / Decca

Yumi Lto_ What Seems to be / Unit Records

Laura Misch_Harness 

Yazz Ahmed_Wah-Wah Sowahwah / Suntara Records

Kokoroko_ Carry Me Home / Brownswood Recordings

Nina Simone_Mood Indigo / Bethlehem Jazz

Nina Simone_My Baby Just Cares for Me / Bethlehem Jazz

Radio Alhara - 10 Oct -  7pm (Bethleheme time)
Resonance.fm - 12 Oct - 3pm (Uk time)
Resonance.fm - 15 Oct - 7am (Uk time)
Radio de Cabo Verde - 18 Oct - 23H (CV time)

Today´s show is a bit out of our norm, is about diversity and possibilities.

I play an International line-up of artists that I love that make it a mission to spread their cultural heritage using Jazz as one of their ways of expression.

They have been featured in Jazz magazines, performed in the most important jazz festivals around the world but some of them don´t even consider themself's Jazz artists.

Like John Coltrane once said -

"My music is the spiritual expression of what I am: my faith, my knowledge, my being."

Enjoy music from Carmen Souza, Hernani Almeida, Oum, Mandisi Dyantyis,

Ibrahim Maalouf, Dhafer Youssef, Buika, Avishai Cohen, Matt Carmichael, Richard Bona.


Carmen Souza - M sta li ma bo 

Hernani Almeida - Caalma

Oum - Taragalte

Mandisi Dyantyis - Somandla

Ibrahim Maalouf - Night in Tunisia

Dhafer Youssef - Promise

 Buika - Mi ninã Lola

Avishai Cohen - Chutzpan

Matt Carmichael - The Spey

Richard Bona - Eyala

Richard Bona - Konda Djanea