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Patricia Pascal sets the scene for the birth of Jazznewblood in 2015 and highlights important releases in that year that would mark the start of a revolution in UK Jazz. Feat music from Binker and Moses, Yussef Kamaal, Charlie Stacey, Alex Ridout, João Barradas, Ricardo Toscano e Pat Metheny.


Binker and Moses - 'No Long 'tings', Binker and Moses - 'Black Ave Maria', Yussef Kamaal - Joint 17

Yussef Kamaal - Remembrance, Charlie Stacey Trio - Metempsychosis, Charlie Stacey - Sonia

João Barradas - Amalgamat, João Barradas - Care, Ricardo Toscano - Song of Hope

JazznewbloodALIVE2016 - Ridout5tet - E'N'A, Pat Metheny - Bright size Life, Pat Metheny - Sirabhorn

JazznewbloodTAPES continues to highlight pioneering and unique young musicians in the UK Jazz scene forged by organisations like Jazzrefreshed or Tomorrow´s Warriors. This month show features Triforce, Mansur Brown, Maisha, Ezra Collective, Kokoroko, Zeñel and the

almighty bass innovator Jaco Pastorius.


Triforce LIVE @jazznewbloodALIVE2016 - Protector (Jazznewblood)

Triforce - Elijah's Remedy  (2016,Jazzrefreshed)

Mansur Brown - Me up (2018, Mansur Brown)

Maisha - The Night Trance (2016, Jazzrefreshed)

Ezra Collective - Enter the Jungle (2016, Ezra Collective)

Kokoroko - Colonial Mentality  LIVE @jazznewbloodALIVE206 (2016, Jazznewblood) 

Zeñel - Ewok Dance (2020, Zeñel)

Zeñel - Bubble leaves (2020, Zeñel)

Jaco Pastorius -  Continuum, Portrait of Tracy (1976, Epic)

Radio Alhara - 13 DEC -  7pm (Bethleheme time) - 08 DEC - 3pm (Uk time) - 11 DEC - 7am (Uk time)

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In the third episode, we hear music from some of the Jazz pioneers and visionaries in today´s Uk sound.

Artists like Shabaka Hutchings and Theon Cross paved the way for a more inclusive scene and also open doors for led female groups like

Nerija or Seed Ensemble who germinated solo artists like Nubya Garcia, etc. A community affair for sure, feeding vitality and authenticity into Jazz. Closing we get to experience a 23-year-old Dee Bridgewater on her first release playing LIVE with her brothers

Ron Bridgewater and Cecil Bridgewater.


Theon Cross - Aspirations from Aspirations EP (2015, Theon Cross)
Shabaka and The Ancestors - Joyous from Wisdom of Elders CD 
(2016, Brownswood Recordings)
Nérija - The Fisherman from Nérija EP (2016, Jazzrefreshed)
Nubya Garcia - Fly Free from her Jazzrefreshed EP 5five (2017, Jazzrefreshed)
Nubya Garcia - Inner Game from SOURCE album (2020, Concord Jazz)
Seed Ensemble  - The Darkies LIVE at jazznewbloodALIVE2016 (2016, Jazznewblood)
Seed Ensemble  -  The Dream Keeper from Driftglass Cd ( 2019, Jazzrefreshed)
Dee Dee Bridgewater -  Afro Blue from the album Afro Blue (1974, MUZAK/FAB)
Dee Dee Bridgewater - Blues Medley (Every day I have the Blues / Stormy Monday Blues) - 
(1974, MUZAK/FAB)

Radio Alhara - 10 Jan -  7pm (Bethleheme time) - 12 Jan - 3pm (Uk time) - 15 Jan - 7am (Uk time)

Radio de Cabo Verde - 15 Feb - 23H (CV time)

This first episode of 2021 is dedicated to all the young jazz talent I had the privilege to promote on the JazznewbloodALIVE showcase on London Jazz Festival since 2016. I don´t have space to play all 39 acts but I feat a small selection including XVNGO, Levitation Orchestra, Rosie Frater-Taylor, Tommy Remon, Sultan Stevenson, Emma Rawicz, Roella Oloro, Cesca, Sudo and Keith Jarrett's first album.


XVNGO - Celebrum 
Feat Akin Soul

Levitation Orchestra - Wave Potentiality
Single released in support of TW

Rosie Frater-Taylor - Better days

Tommy Remon - Caledonia Live at JazznewbloodALIVE2016 (Jazznewblood)

Sultan Stevenson - To be Seen 

Emma Rawicz - Chasm

Roella  Oloro - Believe to see

Cesca - Mocktapus LIVE at JazznewbloodALIVE2016 (Jazznewblood)

Sudo  - Vallium

Keith Jarrett - Life between the exits (Vortex 1968)

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