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Jazznewblood was created in 2015 by Talent developer, artist manager,  talent bookerphotographer, Patricia Pascal.  

Press :

Interview with Raul da Gama for jazzdagama.com (Mar 2018-CA)

Interview with Charlie Anderson for Sussex Jazz Magazine (Mar 2020-UK)

Feature at Jazzthetik by Sebastian Scotney (Apr 2020-DE)

Feature at London Jazz News by Sebastien Scotney (Apr 2020-UK)

Jazznewblood mission is to profile+support+promote the amazingly talented new generations of jazz players/bands, aged 14-24yrs, around the world with a focus on the UK and other European young talents. 

To develop that mission working around image, audio and video. The most important promotion tools in an artist career. 



  • jazznewbloodALIVE showcase series part of EFGLondonJazzFestival: 

        A Showcase festival to highlight the best talent under development in our

        Youth Jazz scene 14-24yrs = Diverse original compositions, jazz-inspired. 

         We like to be small and working to create a cult stage to see future stars

         in the making;


         Ridout 6tet (feat Alex and Tom Ridout)+Tommy Remon5tet

         Romarna Campbell+KasiaKawalek5tet+Nihilism
         Sam Barnett5tet+Zoe Pascal+PeterWilsonTrio


         Roella Oloro+Noah Stoneman Trio+Ife Ogunjobi+Rosie Frater-Taylor+

         Quinn Oulton+Brother´s Testament


         Donovan Haffner+Isobella Burnham+Tara Cunningham+Emma                

         Rawicz+Saskia Horton


         Morgan Wallace+Manny+Scottie Thompson+Maddy Combs+Sultan                         Stevenson+XVNGO

  • jazznewblood Photo archive: #momentrecorder aka photographer - Patricia Pascal - uses her skill to build a dedicated promo photo archive of the jazz talent of tomorrow; 
    "To catch them and record their development in images from early stages in their careers, is an ambition and a privilege";
    - Part of our annual festival we exhibit our collection of photos in collaboration with Steve Funky Feet and other photographers covering the   Youth Jazz Scene, also to provide young talented improvisers with image tools that will help them progress and promote themselves; We also run a promo photo campaign for young musicians under 24 to give them access to low rate photo sessions. 

  • jazznewblood #makingjazzhappen: being a young and talented musician is not easy. This generation needs stages to develop and we work in collaboration/ consultancy with venues, festivals, promoters to increase the performance opportunities for young talent. We have worked with Iklectik, Ronnie Scotts, JazzCafe, London Jazz Festival, Shades of Soul @PizzaExpressSoho, Red Bull, New Generation Jazz @The Verdict/ Love Supreme Festival (Brighton), Cambridge Jazz Festival (Cambridge), Omnibus, GWJazz, Berkeley homes, Jazztroniz (Paris/FR), Hot Club (Lisbon/PT), Cascais Jazz Club (Cascais/PT), etc. Between 2016-2019 we worked with 31 different young bands and made +60concerts happen to promote #youthjazztalent;

  • jazznewblood Audio archive: We professionally record all concerts at our jazznewbloodALIVE series ( see Audio Archive Page)  with the purpose of helping young talented improvisers create their own promotional audio portfolio, we will do this every year and release a #jazznewbloodALIVE compilation on the following #JazzInternatinalday. We want to develop other projects in the scope of AUDIO regarding new composition grounds, improvisation, radio, etc...focusing directly at promoting youth jazz talent, increase diversity and decrease segregation in the jazz scene. Jazz should be an important way to also increase the spirit of sharing and collaborating;

  • jazznewbloodTAPES: Podcast/radio show dedicated to debut albums, singles, EP´s, Live recordings. New music released by young talent and first music release by great music legends. The start of everything....

  • jazznewbloodLABEL: This independent digital label, with distribution by Believe, is home to the yearly #jazznewbloodALIVE compilation and will release only original LIVE recording by young talented jazz-inspired artists with ages under 24. 

  • jazznewblood Video archive: to develop a video channel to include videos from all the performances at jazznewbloodALIVE and other video series;

  • Support #femalejazzpower and gender equality;

  • Support #kidsinjazz #jazz4kidsplayedbykids : more Jazz for children and young people performed by children and young people with the purpose of working both on the development of young Jazz audiences and the future Jazz players.


   We aim at #youthjazztalent under 24 and we want to bring you                              #jazzfuturenow 


info@jazznewblood.org   - Patricia Pascal 

Based in London but with eyes, ears & heart open to the WORLD!

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