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Jazzahead!2017, the right move for me?

Jazzahead is open for registration and showcase applications until end of Oct 2016!

If you are a 'ready2tour' band or artist, have gathered some

following and interest in your local scene and are looking to expand

outside your country into a International market, Jazzahead is for you!

Conferences may be a drag for someone not interested in the business

side of music but they are a big part of the music industry this days.

Network is everything and jazzahead is THE PLACE to get close to everybody who is

anyone in the jazz world, I mean festivals, promoters, managers, name it...

they are all there.

The best way to get in is to get a slot at the official SHOWCASE program.

You need to have someone doing your representation, already registered to attend, or

register yourself to be able to submit a project. Its a big financial investment because you will need to pay for

all your expenses (travel, hotels, meals, etc) but if you get chosen among more than 600

submissions from all over the world, it may be a valuable investment. PRS run a fund that can help you with the expenses:

Even if you don´t get a showcase or don´t want to submit for one, you should go and get a taste of what its really happening in the 'world' of jazz....go without any expectation, see loads of showcases and bring a book full of contacts that you can use in the future.

Think about it...explore the website ( and all the information available and do it, if you think you

are ready!

If you have doubts or need help get in touch:

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